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It Really Pisses Me off When:

People take the issues that Black Americans face lightly.  Of course those people privileged enough to not have to deal with racial issues dont understand.  Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterns:  Our worlds are so significantly different than those of European descent.  While identify with all oppressed groups, and their struggles, I cant seem to get over the fact that our people were the ONLY racial group brought here by force.  It hurts me that our culture, tradition, and languages have been taken from us.  I hate being in Class hearing people talk about their heritage, the irish, the german, the french, the spanish, the mexican, the blah blah blah.  But i barely hear black students doing the same.  I envy the African Students at mizzou, they know were their roots lye, they can trace their family.  Their traditions are not all based on surviving slavery, assimilating , etc.

But  More than that i Hate how Black people were given the worst of the worst of stereotypes.  Asians are good at math, Hispanics are fiesty, hard working, and family oriented, Jewish are business-wise, etc.  But BLACKS are ignorant, stupid, ugly, vulgar,  promiscuous, “URBAN“, and whatever else they see in Rap videos at the moment.

The worst part is that we are living up to these stereotypes.  Our men call their partners BITCHES, our women call the men “NO GOOD NIGGAS“, our drop out rate is one of the highest racial, Black children are one of the highest aborted (especially because we are still considered the minority).  In our “CULTURE”  being hood is a good thing, fighting is celebrated, Prison is an accepted step into manhood,  and going to college is extraordinary.

I just wish people would recognize us for being strong, driven survivors.  I still believe that Our people are so greatly oppressed because we are a threat, you guys should remember that as well.

I want to clear a few things up before i end this post:

-I am not racist, nor do i harbor anger towards white people

-I enjoy life to the full extent

-I dont want people to dwell on the past, and what was done to black people, I want people to recognize that Racism changes form, and that while most of us in college are living life fine, and happy, there are more of us who are not, and everyday is a struggle.  I believe to get back positive energy and karma, we have to give back to those  who aren’t as lucky as us.  Knowledge is power and it like happiness is contagious.

-I am a firm believer that one day we will all be mixed up, and acceptance not tolerance are inevitable.  Though the pettiness of mankind will most likely find something else to fight about

-Finally I am a believer in god and his calling.



Imani K.  🙂


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