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Spotlight: Bill Cosby


How many of us grew up with Bill Cosby on our screens, and in our books?  I certainly did.  And I have the most respect for him.  He has used his fame to promote a positive image for Black people and all people really.  He was one of the few comedians who used clean jokes.  His show, The Cosby Show gave the most positive image of a black family that I’ve seen up to this point. A doctor father, and an Attorney mother?  What could be better.  Even better is the amount of work Bill and His wife Camille has done to promote Higher education.  They have donated and spoken at Spelman College numerous time, They have a building named after Camille.  I look up to Bill, He did not have to do anything radical to make a difference, nor did he have to sell his soul, or sellout to become famous.  Hats off to Bill Cosby, I love him, and I’m sure you guys do as well.


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