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What Public Schools aren’t Teaching Our Children

I am currently babysitting my four gorgeous nephews, 3 of which are 2, 3, and 6.  My 6 and 3 year old nephews are biracial, black and Filipino.  I ask my 6 year old, Isaiah what he was knew about Black people, and he said “nothing”  He didnt know why Martin Luther King Jr was killed, only that a white man did it.  He doesnt know much about either of his cultures and it bothers me.  Part of the problem is our parents.  They must start teaching first. For those of you with children:  it is up to you right the wrongs of the education system. We have to be proactive in our children’s education.  Secondly, I was upset to hear my 13 year old nephew say that they were not doing black history month at his school, and that black history was not regularly discussed in his social studies classes.  This is ridiculous.  Ideally Black History is taught as American history, but until it is officially incorporated is it too much to ask that we at least start by celebrating bhm?  We have got to start somewhere, and how are we going to get the textbook companies, and school systems to take us seriously if we cant even at least celebrate during the month “assigned” to us.  I would love for people to teach their children about their culture and other cultures at home, to begin reading with their kids, taking them on trips to the science center, and history museum.   We have got to teach the leaders of tomorrow what the Public school aren’t, and correct the schools on the false knowledge they are teaching them,

Xavier, 3



My favorite boys will grow up into men, and my family, as well as their teachers, friends,coaches,etc are responsible for making them into Leaders.  It takes a village, Lets raise tomorrow’s youth correctly.

Videos from Greg Harris,  He’s real check out his youtube channel.  #truth



One Response to “What Public Schools aren’t Teaching Our Children”

  1. It’s not normal for you not to know your own history. I thought they used to say, ” Get’em while they young”…That’s what the elders and parents used to say when I was young! And I’m still young…lol…but these parents don’t care really, oral tradition has gone out the window for some…smh…someone told me that the video I did with my nephew was a bit proselytizing (This isn’t religion) or are you telling me it’s not right to get my nephews to understand culture and the people…LMAO…??? How can I convert my nephews opinion of black/African

    Imani keep bring food for thought


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