empowering others and making people aware of wrongs


Robert Theanimal Blumer February 13 at 11:01pm Report
get off your high horse about black histroy and enjoy life b/c one way or another every race has been fuck over
^^^^ above is a facebook message I received regarding my FB event Black History Let’s Make History.  Clearly he doesnt appreciate my Promotion of Black History.  I have already explained my reasoning for the event and I stand By it.  His response confirmed the fact that what I am working for is a worthy cause.  Right now, too many people are just TOLERATING those who are different to them.  Im all about ACCEPTANCE, love, education, etc.  It takes awhile to change people’s view, and we cant change them all.  But to those who appreciate my efforts, I say thank you.
Remember to Be Significant.  Do something Positive.
“It takes Courage to grow and Become who you really Are” – E.E. Cummings

4 Responses to “Service=Power”

  1. Ima Just sum my thoughts up like this: If thats the attitude to have than we would still be in shackles and chains! So im confused (sarcastic voice): Is there like some official year that I’ve overlooked when there was announcement stating that Everything is Good now.. so stop Griniding for Better and Just Live Life! lol smh!

  2. This dude that left the message is very much confused!! Black History Month isn’t about glorifying African/black history it’s to acknowledge it. Carter G. Woodson a black historian, author, and journalist came up with the week then later month for blacks in a time when WE WERE NOT CITIZENS..this is more information that people non-white or white don’t care about this tend to see those that don’t want to be black come out and those silent racist as well come out..smh…and to his statement of confusion…what OTHER “RACE” has been FUCK OVER as he stated…this is where correct information come into…I guess still being in high school…nothing has hit him yet…as soon as he gets in the so called real world…he will see racism and it’s affects…I don’t know WHY people say other races have been did wrong…GO GET THE STATS on that and holla at me…black people are not one’s causing conflict…and how can you live life if this world his unjust it doesn’t make sense…GET INFORMED!!!

    Grow and Conquer

  3. “Black History Month” is just a month to recognize “Black History”. If non-white and/or white people don’t recognize the month…then…so, be it. Comments like…get off your high horse about black history and enjoy life b/c one way or another every race has been fuck over…sounds like a person…who has been raised by, self-hating non-white,non-white-non-black, are just simply “White” parents. I suspect it to be the last one. Statements…like…enjoy life b/c one way or another every race has been fuck over…man…I need some major evidence behind that…statement. Because, I don’t remember the Taino’s, Arawak, Black-a-moors, Australian(black) or any indigenous people… ancient or modern…go into Europe…and…MASS MURDERING…200 million Europeans. But, the records show of Europeans… committing MASS GENOCIDE on the whole planet by themselves (including the 10’s of millions of “WHITE PEOPLE” that died at the hands of “WHITE PEOPLE” during “WORLD WAR 1 & 2”)…which continues til this day…I mean as I speak! I could be wrong.-GAC

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