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Most Dangerous place for a black child is in the womb?

I’ve actually been keeping up with planned parenthood mess. I love them, i think they do good things, but they definitely have flaws with their employees. I dont think that planned parenthood is the blame for the number of black abortions, i think that the problem is within our community. People need to be safer, and secondly people need to accept the responsibilities for their “accidents” or mistakes. I not really that concerned with a white persons racism, in this situation.  I am more concerned with the fact we our killing ourselves at rapid rates.  How is it we represent 35% of all abortions?  That is a large number for such a small group of women.  I ask you all this:  Does the enemy have to do any work, if we are doing his job voluntarily?  The womb is a sacred place.  I am pro-choice, but i urge people to seriously consider the consequences of abortion. I’d rather people actively try to prevent a pregnancy than get rid of one.  Abortions should not be used as birth control.  We need to raise an army of intellectuals not kill off our leaders because we havent actively protected ourselves.   Basically, I just want our men and women to be responsible.


One Response to “Most Dangerous place for a black child is in the womb?”

  1. The Queens ( Black Women ) need to quite going to planned parenthood for abortions. First off, it was started by Margaret Sanger. A so called sex educator and birth control activist. And let not forget that she was a racist/white supremacy and didn’t give a damn about Africans in American! She was a eugenicist and wanted to do away with black people…we must not for get that white people thought black where monkeys and had no souls, not human like them…quote “The undeniably feeble-minded should, indeed, not only be discouraged but prevented from propagating their kind.” unquote! The black community needs to understand this and stop going to people that don’t care about you! For them to kill your baby because you choose to. I’m pro-keep your damn baby…lol…Abortions is the number one killer in the black community with I believe 13 million since it started…and about 450,000 a year! Planned Parenthood has been racist for black since it started it’s apart of the eugenics plan. If you haven’t seen the documentary Maafa 21 watch asap…

    GAC-Grow and Conquer

    I’m for my people

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