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Because I Love my Sistas

Mimi BooBoo Adimu-Abla

Why I rock? Because struggle is my past, work is my present and success is my future.

Tonight, I attended Black Women Rock, a BET inspired Mizzou event created by Ms. Dreana Johnson.  I found it to be beautiful and inspiring.  The sisterly love was amazing and the confidence all the beautiful black women in the room was overwhelming.  In simple words, I LOVED IT.  Speaker and Honoree Jill Young Menears was such a powerful and humble woman.  Her story was amazing.  She entered a university that denied her father because of his race.  She befriended her roommate who had not thought fondly of blacks.  She became the FIRST black woman to win homecoming queen.  She is a Leader, and a great one at that.

In everyday life, women hate on each other so much and this event did the opposite.  By nominating these women, we have encouraged rather than discouraged.  Love above Hate.  If only we could adapt this type of thinking on a regular basis…. well actually I know that we can.  It begins with us.  Instead of jealousy ladies and gents lets feel inspired.  When someone is doing better than us, or has something we want we should feel inspired to do better.

Hats off to Dreana and her entire Black Women Rock Staff.  Imani appreciates you all and the work you have started.


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