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The Broke College Student

Unfortunately, figuring out how you will pay for college is becoming more  and more difficult. With tuition increases, federal aid decreases, and the struggling economy college student are flat out BROKE.  Scholarship foundations are feeling the pressure too.  Many have lowered amounts of scholarships, some have lowered the amount of recipients either the free money well is drying up.  The state of Missouri has cut funding for its flag school, University of Missouri, driving up tuition cost.  Also many grants and state scholarships are being considered for cuts too.  We need to let it be know that this is important.  We don’t want to be paying off loans for the rest of our lives.  There are many graduates now graduating without jobs, I believe this is an education discourager.  If their is no incentive, why bother?

I for one have several friends and the military.  They live in nice cities, have beautiful apartments and wayyy better cars than me.  It makes you wonder sometimes why do i deal with this constant state of broke? For opportunities that aren’t promised?

I love college, and I know many of you do too (maybe not the academic part so much).  All I’m asking for is proper funding for students.  These tuition increases and fed aid decreases will affect the poor the most (most of which are minorities; blacks, hispanics, women).  Let’s not digress.

Here are some tips i found online for you Broke (but not broken) Students:

1.Kick The Habit

-Many habits people have are nothing but money traps that will ultimately do nothing for a person except cause an addiction to form and a piggy bank to break.

2. Make a Budget

-Yes, the dreaded word, Budget.  I suggest that you first start by looking at your bank statements to see what you waste your money on.  Then cut it out.  Give yourself a little money for entertainment but make sure you dont go over it.

3.Get a Job

-Its not fun, but sometimes necessary.  I suggest that you start off with about 12 0r 15 hours and depending on your work load, personality, etc add more (Try not to do more than 30, You are a student, save time for fun).

4.Sell it

-One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  If you dont use it try selling it.  Ebay, Plato’s closets, etc.

5.Say Goodbye to Walmart

-I’ve found I save lots of money by NOT going to Walmart.  Try Aldis, Save-a-lot, and Big Lots.  Also try The dollar store or Family dollar.  All have foods, cleaning items, hygiene products, etc.  Try avoiding large stores unless you need a specific product and stick to your plan.   Also for you clothes shoppers, the goodwill usually has some decent stuff, blackberry exchange and the warehouse too.  So before you stick your nose up try it.  I’ve gotten some things there and get lots of compliments, and lets be honest many college towns dont have many shopping options.

6. Books

-Try buying your books at Textbook game, Chegg, Amazon, etc.  Online shops will usually give you the best buy for your buck.  And if you sell them back to your school bookstore you could make a profit.


-Try using public transit, shuttles or car pooling.  It helps if your not always driving.  But if you are that friend who is always driving, dont feel shy about asking for gas, and friends dont be stingy, offer it.

8. Blogging for money

-Their are some sites that will allow you to blog for cash.  Take advantage of it if you can.  Also for those of you with websites, you can get paid for allowing advertisers to post on your page.


That’s all I have for now, So good luck.  Im open to suggestions, I’m still learning how to do all of the above.

One Love,



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