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Open Note to God


Lately, I havent been acting like your child.  I havent been depending on you.  You give to me and give to me, and this week I ignored you.  I apologize sincerely because today I saw the light.  I realize that I allowed the devil to grasp my heart.  I allowed the tempter in, but i promise you lord he will never win.  I know you have big plans for me, and since I begin to realize them, everything has been going right.

I have finally gotten to the point that when i hurt you, I hurt me, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.  You are the Alpha and the Omega (beginning and the End) and you hold the highest spot w/i my soul.  I thank you for saving and forgiving me time after time.  I cant say that I will never fall short again, but I will always work in your name.  I will always and forever be your daughter and I will always thank you for the wonderful blessings you grant me.  You have done more than enough and you continue to do so.  You know the true ways of my heart, and your judgement is the only one that matters, so i live for you.  I live for purpose.

Lord I pray for forgiveness, and I offer thanks.


Imani ❤


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