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Black Love in… Jumping The Broom

I recently saw Jumping the Broom, and I loved it despite it being almost identical to Our family wedding (minus the mexian american and african american mixing).  The movie was beautiful and romantic and I absolutely adore when Black love is displayed in a positive way.  I would say its a must see, and a great date movie for the guys. LOL.  Show the ladies some love, romance and chivalry are both very much alive!

p.s.  Has anyone else thought about the beauty in the tradition of Jumping the Broom?  It was how Slaves showed their committment because they were not allowed to really marry.  I have always treasured the tradition but what do you all think? should the tradition be continued as a part of history in modern weddings or should it be done away with?  Comments please

Peace and love,



2 Responses to “Black Love in… Jumping The Broom”

  1. Another Interesting post…it’s making me think about the movie for a second time. First off, this is just my opinion of the reality of the whole thing! I did see the movie for FREE online, I don’t support certain movies anymore. Now, lets break this movie down. You have two families: Black Elitist family, which had a so called “wealth of money” the high life which, was the family of the bride. Then you have the Black Inner-City family which, would be the opposite of the Black Elitist family and is the family of the groom! The difference between these two families causes black families to bump heads (not to like each other). They think they’re better then us/there not at our level type of thing right! Now this is not good for black image in my opinion, you could see this when everybody was at the dinner table for the first time. The envy and dislike starts to come out ( We do not need a film promoting black aggression toward black people). To add the groom kept some important information away from his mother as in previous family dinners they had and he didn’t even let the bride meet his mother yet…to me because he was embarrassed of this family( To me this shows the downplay of Black Inner City Families…I mean the groom in a way was saying his mother and family wasn’t good enough…black people tend to do these types of things when they get around white people and uppity black folks…They downplay the non-uppity black folks) Then, we have the light skinned females being glorified. If you ask most black males, what do you prefer light skinned females or dark skinned females? They more then likely go for light skinned females…now in the movie the grooms cousin who wanted to be the best man…FLAT OUT!!! disrespected a dark skinned woman…I mean is this what we want to hear in a film for black people…uh….HELL NO! He said something like ” I really don’t talk to dark skinned women…but you a do” something like that. Then he when on and whispered a nasty disrespectful saying in her ear…so right there the black woman is lesser than the light skinned woman…and to make it even worst megan good played the stereotypical “hootchie-mama” LMAO smh…if you don’t know anything about black characters in films do the research (though this is a new character in black stereotypes)…I mean she was upgraded but that’s what she was…the only woman talking about have sex really…and she was on the dark skinned side of the equation…so the dark skinned female in the movie is FLAT OUT being represent in a bad image…Now back to this light skin thing….to me the bride was a mulatto (non-white person with a white parent)…. her thought to be father to me was a mulatto ( non-white person with a white parent), and then she finds out that they aren’t her parents. When her mother told her what happen she said she was in France,Paris and her father had a family already that she later found out…(I suspect that he was a white man…the mother wasn’t going to make things worst by messing up his family so she just give her to her sister…” tragic arrangements leads to things like this”)…So in saying that I felt like the movie was promoted interracial dating and marriage…which is not good for promoting real black marriage…im just saying.( Just a side note the bride which is actress Paula Maxine Thicke is a mulatto-non white person with a white mother and she is married to R&B singer Robin Thicke…just a side not****) And this white female in movie was practicing racism/white supremacy through out the whole film…I mean MAN! She grabbed Tasha Smith’s hair in amazement like ” Look at this long weave headed black female”…that might have been funny in the movie but rude and disrespectful in reality! She made comment on chocolate…which I didn’t understand why. She made comments on eating chicken that the Black Inner City family might want ” Chicken “….and to the mother of the bride ( Angela Bassett ) said ” They seem to be….simple”….wow, which means stupid or ignorant. If I didn’t know what I know now, then the movie was Great! Nothing like a good black marriage film…but since I do know man this movie for me did not promote black love like it should have been promoted. Sub-consciously it’s a damaging movie for black image…we can do better! MAN…we need real empowerment movies on black love and family…from start to finish…but im just one person and to the masses of black people…this film just might us to marry! Oh let me not forget…lol…in all honesty I’m trying to get back to the essences of African tradition…the jumping the groom I guess is cool and we mos def need to keep any type of Africans in America tradition alive…but we need to get back to the original way of African marriage…when I found my queen to be…we are going to the Nile Valley, The Land of Kemet and let Ashra Kwesi marry us off…I can not deal with white customs..because the only think African about our weddings is the BROOM…which by the way the film disrespected by really not wanting to acknowledge the broom…until the end…think about it!

    Let’s get back to being Africans

    GAC-Grow and Conquer

  2. I def see where u are coming from but I have to stop you for a minute. I recognized all of the things you were saying but we have to be honest, this I’m better than you non-sense because i have money or because I am light skin happens on a regular basis. Frankly it is fucked up! No other way to say it but it does happen. While I love movies that show black people as all positive, I hate movies that hide the reality of things. And with Paula Patton, Biracial she may be, but in the slave days, one drop rule would have definitely applied. She is a black woman just as much as I. I dont bag on interracial love, though I hate those individuals who say the strictly date outside of their race (that is pure hate for oneself). The man she was marrying in the movie was definitely wrong for not introducing his girl to his mom, thats a no no regardless of how your parents act. I have seen movies that display black love better, but they do not hide the imperfections of our race and culture. The only way to get our movies to display us in a better light is for us to behave in a better way.


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