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Long Awaited Updates On Life and Empowerment

Hello readers!

I must first apologize for this almost two month hiatus.  I am still loyal to the cause but I had to focus on those academics.  #teameducation!

With That said the last two months or so has been full of learning and inspiration and I regret not being able to share the news with you all earlier.

Firstly, I got to see and hear the Great Dr. Maya Angelou speak, at my University.  It was a struggle yall.  Originally, I did not purchase tickets because I believed that a dorm coordinator had tickets for free.  I later found out that the coordinator had underestimated tha amount of people that want to hear the wisdom of Maya and he failed to secure tickets as he promised.  I can not lie, there was no way for me to rationalize this lose.  I was plum upset.  The coordinator alerted the students he promised tickets to about the situation 20 mins AFTER the box office sold out.  My friend who was selling her ticket had just sold it minutes before I called her and I had no other avenues to locate a ticket.  I was devastated… BUT I believe it the lord had it in his plans for me to he Maya because 2o mins before the doors opened for the event my friend offered me her ticket! I was ecstatic.  Dr. Maya Angelou is one of the most wise and beautiful people I have ever seen.  She was very honest, going on her life story (I know why the cage bird sings), cracking jokes (she is actually very humorous and relaxed), and giving us advice.   I left the event with these notes:

Courage: Build it Up!

“I am human so nothing human can be alien to me” (in other words you can never say you would never something if it is humanly possible)

Be constructive not Destructive

I can honestly say I felt very empowered.  No matter your race, creed, age, or religion you definitely could have benefitted from hearing what she had to say.  She is an amazing one and I am blessed!

Secondly, I was honored to be in the second row (right behind the press) of the Event “Emmett Till: an Eyewitness Account”.  This event was the result of a young lady named Alexis Rogers.  I give many kudos to her because this was amazing.  The cousin and Uncle of Emmett Till spoke to us about what happened the summer of Emmett Till’s kidnapping and murder.  I must say I was humbled.  I could see everything they described and many questions went answered. Simeon Wright (cousin) and Wheeler Parker (simeon’s nephew) told us about Emmett’s people pleasing manner.  He was joker and an enthusiastic child.  But he was naive to the south.  They said that Emmett did whistle but not inside the store.  They ran like hell from the store in fear, and after a few days of nothing happening they forgot about it.  On a late night, days later they heard voices and then saw white men take Emmett from his bed and into their truck.  Simeon said that Emmett went with them willingly and without a word, they believed they he didnt really understand the grave danger he was in.  They never saw he alive after that.   But I know I dont give the story justice at all so I suggest you all go read Simeon’s Story.

They left us with two messages at the end of the event:  1)become a lawyer because at that time black people had no protection and no justice  2) remember that nobody can make you angry and no one can control you -W. Parker

I asked Simeon how he dealt with his anger of his cousin’s murder and the injustice of the system.  He told me without god he drank, chased girls and got into fights but when he finally gave his life to god, he used that anger to help people and spread awareness of how life was and how we have to use the past to create a better tomorrow.  I take those words to heart.

I hope I did these two amazing events so kind of justice because they were great.

Peace and Love yall,



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