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Patiently Waiting Ghana pt. 2

As some of you all know, I was accepted into my universities Ghana service-learning study abroad program.  I was also recently awarded the Gilman international scholarship along with (about 400 or so other students in the counrty, congrats to them as well).  I am very excited to be going to Accra, Ghana.  It is so full of history and beauty as well as struggle.  I will be a volunteer for Needed Life, a NGO that educates people about HIV and AIDS as well as providing tests and counseling.  I am truly blessed to be able to give back but honestly I feel like I will receive more than I can give while there.  Ghana was a huge part of the transatlantic slave trade, and I get to visit the castle where many slaves were held.

Its crazy to think that people were forced to walk across west africa to the coast, the held in these windowless dungeons until the ship that would forever separate them from their home would arrive.  I look forward to being there and learning about different cultures and picking up a sense of African (ness) that was snatched from many black americans.  It aggravates me greatly that i have no clue where I am from.  That culture that many of my African friends (Nigerian, Ethiopian, Eritrean) possess is so beautiful and I look forward to drowning in Ghanaian culture.  Its an honor and I look forward to sharing it with you all through video, pictures and blogs.  🙂  I leave America on June 30th and I’ll be back on in August.  Keep me and my classmates in your prayers.

Skip to about one minute to see what the living conditions of slaves were.  Very sad.

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