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Soon To Come

Hello Family!

I am currently working on a few things for you guys… One being of course video blogs when I get to Ghana, but currently I am looking for great African American books to create a Summer Booklist for not only you but me.  If you all have any suggestions of Fiction or Nonfiction books please do not heistate to let me know either through comments on her or email (  I hope to have a completed list by the end of the month and I hope you all enjoy it!

Enjoy your summer! Relax your mind and Exercise your creativity, I know I will be.

Peace and Love,

Mani ❤


One Response to “Soon To Come”

  1. These are some of the books in my little library I have started to read and will be reading…A small list of books you might want to look in to..

    The Isis paper

    Nile Valley Contribution To Civilization

    The Destruction of Black Civilization

    The Bluest Eye

    Imani- You should mos def check out this book store called “Ujamaa Maktaba” The African Centered Cultural and Ethnic Bookstore…located 4267 Manchester St.louis,Mo 63110

    Grow and Conquer

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