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Pinup: Does anyone else think pinup picks are the sexiest ever?

Its not notorious for showing black women, but I love how it is all about the curves!  Gorgeous!


2 Responses to “Pinup: Does anyone else think pinup picks are the sexiest ever?”

  1. Imani you got me thinking….

    Me being a black male and seeing black women as the most beautiful women on the planet. These pinups of white women do nothing but promote racism/white supremacy…Pinup’s from the 1900’s-2000’s have been all white females. There glamorous image has done damage to the little girls and grown women of the black world…I mean you have black females putting blond hair in their heads…

    ” Keri Hilson”






    nicki minaj




    Pin up model where known for being “Blond-hair Bombshells”. Now maybe blond hair is sexy! It’s being white identified if your a black girl that does it. So this whole thing I feel has damaged the Psyche of the black woman FLAT OUT! And I give not credit to the white woman..these pin ups have promoted white sex and sex appeal…and the other day an article came out talking about, Why black women don’t look better than white women..we can thank pin-ups for there promotion…and just a side note some pin up model/actresses have played in movies that damaged black society:

    Lillian Gish- Played in “Birth of a Nation”, after this movie come out the KKK reemerged and lead massive killings of black people by lynching and burning them for years to come…Lillian Gish is on the pin-up list for models and actresses

    Yvonne De Carlo- Played in the “The Commandments” as Sephora, wife of Moses…first off, the wife of Moses was a Kushite/Nubian women…Moses married a black women!!! So how is this pin up girl playing a black women anyway…She’s also on the list of Pin-up model….

    For argument sake Moses wife looked like this…

    Susan Hayward- Played in ” Gone in The Wind” a racist based film based in 1861…she’s on the list for pin-up models

    Betty Grable- Played in a film called ” Happy Days 1929…she was 12 and played a chorus girl in BLACKFACE…smh…she’s from Saint Louis of all places and she’s on the list for pin up model..matter facts she’s the most famous pin-up girl of them all!

    Maybe I’m looking at this to deep…if a white woman is posing for anything for me it’s never sexy. These pin-ups of white women will never be the image of real sex appeal and they are not the sexiest…if the black woman is posing then YES! Because she is foundation of sexy..curves and all! Pin ups promote white image and 100 years later has some black women wanting to be white…

    The only women that where mention on this pin-ups list where: Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, and Eartha Kitt. (Side note all these women had white parents and married white men…also their light skinned women and after I was done going through the list…I thought about it. Where was Pam Grier? Why she didn’t make the list?



    and Nia Mae Mckinney, (Hollywood was scared to make her into a sex symbol)


  2. I love that kind of aesthetic. I think its so glamorous. Im obssessed with Bridget Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. They were known for doing that kind of style. Its my favorite type of photography/pictures.

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