empowering others and making people aware of wrongs


I don’t like watching the news.  It is the ignorance is bliss delusion.  I watch it though, because I feel like I can not make a difference in the world if i don’t know what is happening in it.

With every good thing you see on the news there are about ten negative stories for you to hear, and often it is some sort of black on black crime.  

I have to say as black people, we are truly messing up.  We are taking out our future leaders and leaving the idiots and animals to represent us.  And if you are offended by the words idiots and Animals then you should be.  What sense does it make to kill, and hurt those who have similar struggles as you.  The fist is mightier than on finger.  And like the fist we need to have some sort of unity or we will forever be on the bottom of the totem pole.

Lately, I have seen several groups of people try to action on crime.  In the Saint Louis area, I have seen people use Art against violence, free camps, Sports training, etc.  I appreciate that and I want to see this alternatives continue to pop up.

Until I can turn on the television and not see a report on a high school football player gunned down, or a young father arrested, or girls fighting each other over nonsense, Black crime and violence is all of our problems.  The solution starts at home but it definitely doesnt end there.  Try to find a program to be involved in with our youth, or create one.


*Columbia area college students!  There is a new mentor/tutor program being created for this up and coming school year. Grade A! if you feel that you would be a good tutor or mentors, let me know! 


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