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Ghana! For real

First official day in Ghana (2nd day really) and all I can say is Wow. It is absolutely beautiful here. Its very different because Ghanaian people live in a world that’s stuck between modern technology and what feels like old world. It is very busy here. If you think you can drive in the states wait to you get to Accra and Cape Coast. The drivers here are ferocious. The dirt here is like red clay. The people are ridiculously friendly. They love Americans and they teach you fanti (the language in this area) all the time.

I got to go aboom (special needs school) and we made these beautiful bags. I will definitely be buying one. The proceeds go to the school. I enjoyed walking today. The babies down the street from my home are so cute and friendly. The yard outside my house is beautiful and I sat and read for hours (Ain’t no Sunshine check it out on amazon). There are the most colorful flowers and buildings here. I can’t help but love it here already. It is truly a whole different world but so far I have met some amazing people both Ghanaian and American. It’s truly a blessing. I suggest that everyone attempts to travel somewhere different. I think that a lot of people fail to see how tropical and beautiful these countries are i.e African, South American, third world countries, etc. People think that Americans are the only ones with something to offer when really foreign people can offer more to us. I don’t know. Its just something to think about. Im tired. And my Internet is slow. Lol

But anyway this was written on July 2nd. But I don’t know when it will publish so… yea


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  1. i’m glad to hear you’re having fun! =] sounds wonderful!

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