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Today I went Canopy walking.  Canopy walking is a small wooden bridge (like maybe a 2 by four or something) with ropes attached to the sides.  It was really cool.  I ran across the bridges like I wasnt afraid of heights (I am!).  After running across bridges, we continued our hike through Kakum national park.  On the way back from the excursion, We saw young boys feeling in pot holes with dirt.  My intial thought was that this was their job, they were paid.  Well I was wrong.  The boys do it in hope that people will tip them.  It really made me sad because they could work all day and not make a dime.  I started thinking how much we complain about being broke and struggling.  Dont get me wrong, we have our struggles in America too, but in Ghana there are open sewers, no where to throw trash, and very little fresh water.  Good health is not a right but a privilege here. As beautiful as Ghana is, it sucks that they dont have good sanitation systems.  People burn trash, which is better for nothing but it is very bad for the environment.  Even through all of that they always have smiles on their faces, and they are always very nice.

Though life in America is very good,  I envy the Ghanaians here.  They know where they come from, they know their history, and they are proud of their African roots, which is way more than I can say for most Black Americans.  Black people in America still have the nerve to get offended if someone says they look african.  Hello!  you are african.  Its so clear from being here that the african blood runs deep.  I can name like 15 people off the top of my head that look like someone here in ghana.  Its a beautiful thing.  I wish Black american could lose the shame given to us during times of slavery.  Being black is a blessing.  We are strong, and able to endure nearly everything.  Our culture attracts people of all races and creeds, so why is it so hard for some of us to just accept it?  It would be so cool if i traced my ancestry and found out i was Ghanaian.  The people here swear that I look Ghanian.  They are very surprised to find that I am American.  Its nice.

But anyway, I got my hair braided yesterday.  It cost me like 30 cedes total (the hair lady got over a little on the weave lol)  in US dollars that maybe 20 0r 21 bucks i think.   The Ghanaians tell me, “Its so beautiful, so beautiful Sistah!” LOL i love it.  How many times can you say I got my hair braided in Africa? lol

Traverlers Love,



my internet sucks so I will not be posting pictures for awhile.


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