empowering others and making people aware of wrongs


Btw I am currently reading Uncle Tom’s cabin.  I thought it was appropriate for what i am researching privately (slavery). Plus I never really understood when ppl called others an Uncle Tom.  But before i disappear for a few, I recommend everyone read Fredrick douglas’ book.  If you have a kindle of kindle app its free on amazon.


Peace and Love,



One Response to “Reading”

  1. I never read the book fully but I am sure that when people call someone an Uncle Tom they are really meaning to call the person Sambo, Sambo is the one who is more for the slavemaster and against his own people. Since ur in Ghana see if you can find the movie “Sankofa” Mickey and I both have tattoos of the Sankofa symbol which means something to the effect of remember ur past as u move forward. U would like it

    Peace Imani

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