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Its Been some time

Hello Readers!!!!

My apologies on the blogging break. But the last few months have been ridiculous.

I believe that since I’ve come back from Africa, I have tried to be more political involved and aware, even more so than before. I am only one person but I believe that I can make a difference through active service, communication and education.
So many of my friends are doing great things, and they have sooo much talent. I love it, I encourage it, and I believe we should all surround ourselves with positive go-getters. To all of my College readers: Remember what you came to college for! Don’t get distracted by the irrelevant. Not say that you cant discover your real purpose in college, in fact you do, but all I mean is don’t get so caught in partying, relationships, and frivolous ambitions. This semester, I think I will focus on culture. I think we can all benefit from some culture (I will still post political blogs, etc on here but I want to be more empowering, that what this is about).


Awhile ago I went to the America I am exhibit. I went once before I went to Ghana and just recently with MU’s NAACP. I most say it was just a beautiful the second time. The entire exhibit is showing the contribution black people have made to America from the early days in Africa all the way to the present accomplishments. Its super informative, beautiful and rich BUT if you haven’t been yet, unfortunately you missed it in St. Louis. But that’s what you have me for. I’ll give you a visual soon.

Ghana. I posted a few times while I was there but I never talked about how I feel now. While I was there, I definitely appreciated most things, but I also didn’t. I have flashbacks on the beauty, the wonderful people and the pride that is present their. I miss it. Coming home, it like being thrust in world full of causeless people. I thank god for college, because I get a taste of people who are motivated for change.

Backpacking Through Europe. This is my next venture, I hope. I am speaking it into existence.

Health. I am getting more involved and active with my health journey. It is important that we take care of our bodies while we are young. Ever heard “You cant teach an old dog a new trick?” We need to become more involved with our health and diets now for a brighter healthier future. In other words, Let’s stretch our youth. I will share with you new healthier food choices, as well a exercises that I do, or want to do. There should be no reason why African Americans have the highest obesity and diabetic rates.

Troy Davis. I was extremely disappointed in our justice system. I understand that the justice system is not perfect, anything man-made is full of flaws, which is why I am against the Death Penalty. I am not arguing Troy Davis’ innocence, that is irrelevant now, I am simply saying that the doubt of guilt in many death row cases are too strong. I want to draw more attention to the economic prospects of black and poor convicted cases. It seems that justice is served on a silver spoon. Those who cant afford the costs of justice don’t get it, and often plead out in fear. Just something to think about.

Rock Against Rape. I am a Relationship and Sexual Violence Educator at my university and yesterday The RSVP Center held Rock Against Rape, an event supporting victims and survivors of rape and domestic violence through music, dance and poetry. It was pretty great, the turnout was awesome and a lot of MU Students used their gifts to bring awareness to a topic that many like to avoid. Thanks to all those who showed up and donated. Lets end the cycle of abuse.

And finally, I pose a question, (one that I got from a CNN story), Is Marriage for White women? Yes this question seriously was on CNN, but with some legitimacy. Black women have the lowest marriages in the country, so what is the problem?

Peace and Love and promises of more updates,

Imani ☺


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