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What I’m Reading…

Here are a few really good books I’ve read over the last 12 months.  I strongly recommend them to any inquiring minds.


Before I went to Ghana this summer, My mother gave me this book

Copper Sun is a historical fiction book, that really takes you to the mind of an African slave girl whose faith and determination are never lacking.  



I am a big fan of Richard Wright.  This is book is based on his life, growing up in the south in the early 1900s.  This man’s thought process, and defiance was a revolutionary force the appeared in him at a very young age.  This unlike any autobiography I’ve ever read.  It reads like good fiction.  



If you are into the Black Panthers, this book is for you.  Huey P. Newton gives us a taste of his life growing up, as well as outlining the making of the Black panthers and their focus.  He was incredibly smart and solid in his beliefs.  While, I do not agree with all of his points, he made a good point in saying that you can not end race without destroying the system that holds it up: Education, economic,etc.  He makes good observations about the gap between white and black people.  Not the fastest read, but very interesting for the political minded.


I picked this book up after visiting a slave castle in Cape Coast, Ghana.  I havent finished it yet but I can say…



Nelson Mandela is as great as he is hyped up to be.  No Easy Walk To Freedom, is a book composed of speeches, letters, and written works by Nelso Mandela.  Reading this, You will learn alot about South African Apartheid and Mandela and others’ strategy to end it. South African People went through hell and in their time a need they had many great leaders rise, including Nelson Mandela.  If you don’t know what Apartheid is, google it, then go get the book.


On the lighter side,  On of my favorite books is N by Louis Edwards.  This book is a thriller, starring a New Orleans journalist.  A great murder mystery with well developed characters.

and Up next in my Reading Playlist:

I am going to finish reading, Uncle Tom’s Cabin (its a great classic, well written), Finish Mandela’s book, Then begin “Nigger” by Randall Kennedy.


Any book Suggestions? 


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