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A Moment in Black History: 2008 Presidential Election

In 2008, I was a senior in high school. At 17, I was too young to vote but old enough to understand. I decided to volunteer as a poll worker, so that I too could join in on this revolutionary election. It was a day I will cherish forever. People came out in droves to vote. When i say everyone assigned to vote in my building came to vote, I mean it! Everyone who registered to vote came out that day. We had first time voters both old and young. We had couples, mother and son, etc. People were so excited to vote and they shard their thoughts on the candidates.

But none of that matched up to this one moment: When i got done around 6 or 7pm, I went to grandma’s house to join her and my mother watch for the results. When the results finally came in and they announced that President Obama had won the election, My granny cried. Now this woman has helped raise me my entire life, and i’ve never seen her cry. She was so happy. She was born in the 1930s and racism was so prominent, I know she never thought she would actually live to see a black president. She grew up in Greenwood, Ms (mapquest it, its the DEEP south) and worked as a share cropper until she moved to St.louis in the 50s. This is a moment in my black history. Its so easy to look at the past and pretend it is irrelevant, and to say things are better now but we have living relatives who lived through it and for them it still matters. I love my Grandmama. That is the first moment I actually got to fill how it was during that time period.

Hats off to the Prez for allow my Grandma, and many others who never thought it possible for a black man to become president.

Happy Black History Month! Day 1

inauguration day 2009


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