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Black History Month: Askia the Great

My 14 year old nephew’s name is Askia.  I love that he has the name of a once powerful and intelligent man.  This is for my AJ.  Happy Black History Month Day 2

Askia The Great

Askia Muhammad Toure (1493-1528), established the Askia dynasty of Songhai. Muhammad Toure continued Sonni Ali’s imperial expansion by seizing the important Saharan oases and conquering Mali itself. From there he went on to conquer the land of the Hausas.

The vastness of Askia Mohammed’s kingdom covered most of West Africa, larger than all of the European states of the era combined. With literally several thousand cultures under its control, Songhai ranked as one of the largest empires of the time.

In order to maintain his large empire Muhammad Toure further centralized the government by creating a large and elaborate bureaucracy. He was also the first to standardize weights, measures, and currency, causing culture throughout Songhai to homogenize. Muhammad Toure, a fervent Muslim, replaced traditional Songhai administrators with Muslims in order to “Islamicize” Songhai society.



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