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Vagina Monologues!

The last few months I have been participating in MU’s annual Vagina Monologues.  Its been an empowering and wonderful experience.  I got to get to know lots of strong minded women around campus of all races, ages and background.

The Vagina Monologues is a play written by Eve Ensler.  The monologues are inspired by real women’s stories, thoughts and emotions.  The monologues range from happy and orgasmic, to sad and tragic events that have occurred.  The purpose is to raise awareness about Violence against women and ultimately to end all forms of violence towards women.

The Proceeds from Mu’s Vag Mons went to Truth North Shelter, the Lead institute and The national V day movement.

I had the best time participating in it, and I applaud all of my friends and everyone in general who went to see the show, volunteered at it, or donated their money for the cause.  I was in Short Skirt w/ Alison Gammon, Chelsea Drake, and Bridgit Bowden (all awesome women btw.)  Here are some pics i stole from A. Gammon.  enjoy

If you have never seen Vagina Monologues, put it down as a must-see! or buy the book.

Peace and Love


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